Each of the guitars in our Vintage, Vintage Classic and Artist Series are handmade to order in the UK to encapsulate the appeal of the popular vintage vibe.  While paying homage to classic models, we have incorporated a number of updates to design and specifications to improve both play-ability and sound.  Ultimately, all projects seek to balance customer preference with our extensive knowledge and experience.

From the aged, nitrocellulose finish to the genuine bone nut, our guitars not only adopt the appearance of a vintage guitar; the quality of sound cannot be matched by modern alternatives.  The artwork of each guitar, individually hand-sprayed and aged by Dean Fraser, can no doubt be attributed to the skills of a talented artist and designer.  Having spent years honing and developing his skills and techniques, Fraser ensures each guitar is handmade to his exact standards, ensuring an instrument of superior quality.



Artist Series

Vintage T-Style

Vintage S-Style

Custom T-Style

Custom S-Style

Vintage Classic T-Style

Vintage Classic S-Style


Why Made to Order:

Fraser Guitars predominantly make guitars to order.  We work like this for four reasons:

Firstly, we understand guitars are very personal and we are happy to accommodate some variations to the level of relic and hardware incorporated into our Standard models to ensure you receive a personalised service.

Secondly, we are a small team of craftsmen and value quality before quantity.  We don't churn out factory made guitars on a conveyor belt.  Each of our guitars is hand-crafted, hand-sprayed in nitrocellulose and hand-aged individually.  No two of our guitars are the same.  In order to maintain the quality of our guitars, we take on only a select number of orders per month.  Where our orders increase, our lead time increases.

Thirdly, we don't want to stock pile our guitars; having racks of guitars hanging around, gathering dust is not our style.  We make playable guitars for guitar players, not ornaments for decoration.

Lastly, our guitars are rarely able to gather dust.  The longest a Fraser Guitar has waited to be selected by it's new owner is six weeks.  Our ethos regarding quality and affordability ensures our guitars don't remain in stock for long. 

For those who are looking for a more immediate purchase, our In Stock section offers a selection of ready to go models each month.  This includes Standard and Custom models, aged bodies and parts kits.  You will also find the occasional prototype and models not yet available in our Standard or Custom ranges. 

All In Stock products are released on the 1st day of each month.  When they are gone they are gone.  However, all models sold will then transfer to our Made to Order ranges.  So you never miss out.


How Made to Order Works:

* Lead times for projects may vary.  Check the banner at the top of our Website for an up-to-date guide to our current lead times.  Lead times will be confirmed when your order has been placed.

* All of our guitars are handmade, hand-sprayed in nitro and hand-aged by Fraser Guitars (inclusive of bodies/necks) unless otherwise stated.  

* The photos on the listing show the model and a fair example of the guitar you will receive.  Each body is hand-selected to compliment the relic level and there will inevitably be variations in the wood grain and finish.  No two guitars will look the same!

* Please feel free to contact us before purchase should you require alternative specifications.

* Alternative specifications are subject to availability and may incur additional costs.

* Photos of your individual order will be provided for your approval prior to shipping.

* Once shipping has been arranged, tracking details will follow to enable you to track your shipment whilst in transportation.

* International customers: please check locally for any custom fees/taxes payable on import into your county as these are not included in shipping fees.

* Due to the current CITES regulations updates we are now shipping Rosewood outside of the EU.