The team at Fraser Guitars, headed by British designer and luthier Dean Fraser, has over 20 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and building guitars and parts.  Specialising in vintage style and tribute guitars, Fraser Guitars has a reputation for the stunning craftsmanship of its instruments and the quality of its finishes. 

Here at Fraser Guitars, like most people, we like guitars that sound good, play well and look great.  The truth is however, shiny, new, mass produced guitars with their thick lacquer finishes, too-tall frets and generic sounds don't appeal to everyone.   We believe that classic, vintage guitars are desirable because there is something fundamentally distinctive about them. 

The legendary guitars encompass a fusion of woods, aesthetics, sound quality and playability.  Those qualities: hand selected woods, grains, nitro finishes, softly rounded frets, hand-wound pickups, attention to detail and hand-crafting, are what we do best.  While recreating a guitar may not bring back history, it can recreate those exceptional qualities. 

Each of our guitars is handcrafted in the UK to encapsulate the appeal of the popular vintage vibe.  While paying homage to original models, we have incorporated a number of updates to design and specifications to improve both playability and sound.  Ultimately, all projects seek to balance customer preference with our extensive knowledge and experience.

Due to increasing demand to vary specifications within our range, we are working hard to develop and maintain relationships with British, Japanese and Korean manufacturers to ensure that all our woods, parts and guitars attain our standard of excellence. 

Expanding our range of national and international manufacturers ensures we can continue to provide high quality instruments, handcrafted in the UK, for competitive prices.

In short, buying from Fraser Guitars assures you quality products, professional setup, fast shipping and friendly service.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!